Beginner (Novice) Competition


The intention of this competition is to encourage members to participate in club competitions.  By limiting this competition to novices, our hope is that they will feel comfortable submitting images and that they will learn from the process.  Critiquing will be done in a helpful, positive manner so that the novice can learn and advance.
Entrant Criteria:

The competition is open to all Fort Myers Camera Club members in good standing who meet the criteria specified below.
Open to any club member who has never won any award at any level greater than Honorable Mention of any club, including FMCC, F3C, PSA or any other photo competitions.
While our criteria of a novice is broad, the intention is to encourage novices to compete, not to provide an opportunity for experienced photographers, who may not have won an award, to win one.  We rely on the integrity of our members to disqualify themselves if appropriate.


The original image must be made by the entrant.  All images must be original and may not incorporate elements produced by anyone else.  Any subject matter is acceptable.  Any manipulation of the image is acceptable. 


First, Second and Third Place will be awarded, plus Honorable Mentions will be awarded to the balance of the top 1/3rd of total entries.

Submission Guidelines:

Each individual may enter a total of 3 images.
All files must be entered into this websites competition page in JPEG format. 
The projector displays images with 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution.  To maximize the quality of your displayed image, your images should be prepared with 1920 pixels for the horizontal or 1080 for the vertical but neither limit should be exceeded, and recommend that Maximum Image Quality is set to 12 to optimize quality.
It is recommended that the image should normally have a title other than the image number from the camera.
This is the same format as regular competition format, so novices will be accustomed to it for future submissions. 

Submitting Images:

Images must be submitted for competition on this web site and are due 14 days before the competition.  This is necessary to prepare and provide the images for the judges.


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